GROW ELECT: Group polls Latinos in competitive districts

April 18, 2013

By: Jim Miller
The Press-Enterprise

GROW Elect, a Republican group trying to improve the party’s standing among Latino voters, released a poll Wednesday that shows that the GOP has its work cut out.

The fast-growing Latino electorate, the poll found, are big fans of President Barack Obama and Democrats. Seventy percent of Latino voters have a favorable view of Obama and 64 percent have a favorable view of the Democratic Party.

And Republicans? Only 31 percent of Latino voters have a positive view of them. Thirty-eight percent of Latino voters see the GOP as favoring the rich and 20 percent see the party as not understanding people of color, the poll found.

Some good news by comparison — “Most Latinos don’t believe Republicans are racists,” according to the poll. And 34 percent of Latinos believe that “Democrats tax and spend too much.”

Latinos in the Central Valley have a higher opinion of the Republican Party than Latinos on the coast, the poll found. Latinos in Inland Southern California fall somewhere in the middle.

Of the 10 competitive districts included in the survey, two are in the Inland area: the 31st Congressional District in San Bernardino County and the 36th Congressional District in Riverside County.

The poll offered some advice to Republicans trying to appeal to Latino voters.

“Tone and priorities can make a difference for GOP candidates in winning Latino votes,” it reads. “This will require time and effort, but in the long run, more focus on issues that affect Latino lives on a daily basis and less bombast on immigration and red meat issues will help us win this growing segment of the electorate.”

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