New Poll Confirms Washington Voters Support Export Terminal Projects

January 14, 2013

Fort Mills Times

3:1 support for environmental review process and infrastructure expansion

SEATTLE — A new survey of Washington state voters confirms strong support for independent environmental review of each proposed bulk terminal export facility and the additional train and barge traffic that will come with expanded coal exports.

Among key findings of the poll:

  • 77 percent support evaluating proposed export facilities independently (versus 16 percent who prefer a combined regional review of all proposed facilities)
  • 74 percent support additional rail and barge traffic for the projects, viewing it as crucial to Washington’s export economy and a sign of economic growth (versus 15 percent who say train and barge traffic should not increase)

Moore Information, Inc., a public opinion research and strategic advice firm, conducted the survey January 10 and 12, 2013. The margin of error for the poll was 4 percent. A total of 500 telephone interviews were conducted using live interviewers.

The survey results were consistent with other polls taken over recent months that show strong support for the proposed export terminals and coal exports.

A November poll indicated that 56.6 percent of Washington voters and 54.5 percent of Oregon voters support coal exports. Likewise, recent Oregon Public Broadcasting poll showed 2:1 support for coal exports in the Northwest, with 55 percent of respondents indicating their support for new coal export proposals. The Gateway Pacific Terminal team also released a poll in October showing that 56 percent of people in Whatcom and Skagit counties favored the proposed bulk export terminal.

“Once again this survey confirms a strong pro-jobs, pro-coal export majority in Washington state,” said Lauri Hennessey, spokeswoman for the Alliance for Northwest Jobs & Exports. “This is not surprising since as trade goes, so goes our regional economy. These facilities will support the shipment of coal and other commodities in an environmentally responsible manner. In a region where four out of 10 jobs are reliant on trade, our voters expect rigorous environmental review but oppose unnecessary bureaucratic red tape that will only slow the projects and put much-needed new jobs and tax revenue at risk.”

The Alliance for Northwest Jobs & Exports includes 55 member organizations representing nearly 400,000 individuals. The Alliance is dedicated to educating the public about the economic benefits of new export facilities and coal exports in the Northwest. The proposed facilities would bring in thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue for schools and other services in local communities.

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