California Can Be Republican Again

July 30, 2013

“California can be Republican again” – Jim Brulte, the new state GOP chairman, in response to Andy Vidak’s victory in California State Senate District 16.

Moore Information is proud to have been the pollster for Vidak’s campaign.  This is a difficult district for a Republican candidate; Democrats lead Republicans in registration 50.7% to 28.6% and 60% of voters are Latino/Hispanic.  Vidak almost won the May primary, ending up only 116 votes short of an outright win.  After the primary, Vidak and his campaign team re-doubled their efforts for the July 23rd general election against Leticia Perez and as Rep. Vidak says, “I ran on jobs, affordable energy and water, opposition to the $100 billion ‘bullet train’ federal boondoggle that Leticia supported for union jobs — and on common sense, which has no party lines.”   The final count was Vidak 52.1%, Perez 47.9%.

The article below, from the Washington Times, goes in-depth on the race and explores how the implications of Vidak’s victory have “Republicans eager to develop a victory template for struggling GOP candidates elsewhere in the deep-blue state and across the country.”

Washington Times

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