Travel Portland – Bolstering the Metro Region’s Economy

Moore Information has worked closely with Travel Portland since 2008 to provide the research necessary to advance Travel Portland’s mission of strengthening the region’s economy by attracting visitors and business events to the Portland metropolitan area.  This research program has utilized a bi-modal approach, including both telephone and Internet survey methodologies, in order to reach a variety of target audiences, as well as the general public.


  • Moore Information conducted telephone and Internet surveys in 2008 and 2011 among Travel Portland Stakeholders, Partners and Opinion Leaders with a vested interest in Travel Portland’s success.  These surveys provided insight into opportunities for the organization’s success in terms of their marketing activities and priorities, by comparing the perceived importance of a variety of activities and Travel Portland’s effectiveness at each.


  • Beginning in 2010, Moore Information has conducted annual online surveys among people who have requested Travel Portland’s magazine, an annual publication highlighting the best activities, restaurants and shopping opportunities in Portland.  The surveys monitor yearly satisfaction levels with the magazine on 11 key factors and investigates the magazine’s influence as a planning and traveling tool for visitors.  These research results have aided Travel Portland in continuing to produce a well-regarded magazine that has a positive impact on visitor’s impressions of Portland and their desire to visit the city.


  • Since 2009, Moore Information has provided research for the Downtown Marketing Initiative, a program managed by Travel Portland, including both pre and post-advertising surveys, in order to measure the impact of the campaign on the number of trips taken downtown during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Years. Our data has provided Travel Portland with insight into how, why and when area residents travel downtown, and conversely, why other area residents do not travel downtown.  This research has proven that the Downtown Marketing Initiative positively impacts perceptions among respondents who recall seeing, reading or hearing the campaign’s advertisements during the holiday season about downtown.