• Poll shows car tab-fueled buyers' remorse by Sound Transit 3 voters

    Renderings show roughly what Sound Transit's 122 new light rail cars will look like when they start arriving for testing in 2019. Voters approved a massive $54 billion light rail expansion last November. "Sound Transit 3" means higher car tabs, higher property taxes and an increase in the sales tax." Soaring car tab fees are causing buyers' remorse, according to a new poll. Read More

  • Poll: 71% of AZ Voters Would Again Vote Yes On First Things First Measure

    An overwhelming number of Arizona voters say they would once again vote to support First Things First should the early childhood education program be on the ballot in 2016. Voters also say they oppose shifting First Things First funds to K-12 education while the state continues to have a budget surplus, according to a recent statewide survey of likely voters conducted by Moore Information. Read More

  • Poll: Tepid support for plan to pay education-funding suit

    A new poll conducted by Moore Information, Inc. shows Arizonans overwhelmingly support an early childhood development program and have mixed emotions about a proposal to tap money from the program to help settle the K-12 education-funding lawsuit. Read More

  • New poll shows ‘strong’ support for national park

    A poll within Maine's 2nd Congressional District, where the national park and recreation area would be located, found that overall 67 percent of voters across the district approve of the proposal, while 25 percent oppose. Read More

  • GOP Senator's Stances May Woo Latinos

    Republicans fearful of political blowback if they support national immigration reform could learn from state Sen. Anthony Cannella - an antiabortion, evangelical Christian Republican who represents a Central California district where 45 percent of the voters are Latino. Read More

  • Poll Suggests Oregon's Measure 11 Still Popular With Voters

    In poll of 500 registered voters commissioned by Crime Victims United, which opposes removing mandatory minimum sentences, 72 percent of respondents opposed "reducing by half" the sentences for first-degree sex abuse, second-degree robbery and second-degree assault. Read More

  • GROW ELECT: Group polls Latinos in competitive districts

    ROW Elect, a Republican group trying to improve the party’s standing among Latino voters, released a poll Wednesday that shows that the GOP has its work cut out. Read More

  • Clark County - The Big Divide, Part 2: The Poll Results

    Clark County residents are deeply divided on the Columbia River Crossing, with neither supporters nor opponents claiming a clear majority of public opinion, according to a scientific poll commissioned by The Columbian earlier this month. A total of 46 percent of respondents said they support the CRC, with 45 percent against after being told the project’s cost and that users would pay a toll. The remaining 9 percent were undecided. Read More

  • New Poll Confirms Washington Voters Support Export Terminal Projects

    A new survey of Washington state voters confirms strong support for independent environmental review of each proposed bulk terminal export facility and the additional train and barge traffic that will come with expanded coal exports. Read More

  • Poll: Public land ‘essential’ to Idaho

    Voters say national forests have impact on economy, way of life. Ninety-seven percent of a group of Idaho voters told polling group Moore Information last month that public lands in forests, wildlife areas and parks are “an essential part of Idaho’s quality of life,” while 92 percent said public lands are essential to Idaho’s economy. Read More

  • Poll has C-Tran measure leading

    C-Tran’s Proposition 1 has found favor among nearly half of likely Clark County voters, according to a poll released Wednesday. Read More

  • New poll shows Romney, Flake losing leads in Arizona

    A new survey by a Republican polling firm shows tight races for U.S. president and U.S. Senate in Arizona. The Arizona survey by Portland, Ore.-based Moore Information gives Mitt Romney a 46 percent to 42 percent lead over President Barack Obama. Read More

  • Fight continues to preserve Gold Butte

    On a wall of layered sandstone 100 miles northeast of Las Vegas, an etching made by ancient hands shows the bright, white figure of a man frozen forever in midst of a fall. Read More

  • Poll Claims Widespread Support for Gold Butte NCA

    Kelly Middendorff, Vice President of Moore Information, a national polling and research firm, was joined today by tourism and business leaders in an analysis of results from a recent survey of southern Nevadans on support for the protection and accessibility of Gold Butte, located between the Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument in Arizona, and Lake Mead National Recreation Area, just south of the City of Mesquite. Nevada’s Congressional leaders are evaluating potential legislation that would designate Gold Butte as a National Conservation Area. Read More

  • 86% of Voters Read LOCAL Newspapers

    A new survey of U.S. voters’ media use demonstrates the advantages newspaper media hold in connecting political advertisers — election campaigns and issues advocates — with registered voters, the group most likely to vote. Results of this study confirm results of similar studies done in the past few years. The American Voters Media Use Study, conducted by Moore Information, Read More