We provide our clients with the tools to identify key factors and characteristics that influence public opinion or behavior; develop and deliver the right message to target audiences; and monitor the success of communications efforts. Opinion research is a vital component in the development of any communications or outreach campaign. The ability to craft a compelling message, pinpoint the appropriate audience mix and then measure the impact of your messaging all hinge on solid opinion research.

Case Studies

Travel Portland

Moore Information has worked closely with Travel Portland since 2008 to provide the research necessary to advance Travel Portland’s mission of strengthening the region’s economy by attracting visitors and business events to the Portland metropolitan area.  This research program has utilized a bi-modal approach, including both telephone and Internet survey methodologies, in order to reach a variety of target audiences, as well as the general public.

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The national landscape is ever changing and Moore Information has amassed an impressive portfolio of work among Hispanic/Latino voters. In partnering with Univision Communications, Inc., we have helped this media giant gain deeper understanding of the Hispanic/Latino voter by examining their voting preference and identifying the key messages and mediums that impact those behaviors. Specifically, our surveys and focus groups have explored:

  • How Hispanics/Latinos obtain news, language preferences for news and entertainment,
  • Hispanic/Latino voter interest in elections and voting motivations, and
  • A variety of issues for candidates and special interest groups with an interest in the Hispanic/Latino electorate.

Washington Forest Products Association (WFPA)

For 25 years, Moore Information has served as chief research provider for WFPA, designing and conducting numerous focus group sessions, covering a wide variety of issues and topics, as well as advertisement testing (print, television and radio). We also conduct ongoing annual statewide telephone surveys to help design, evaluate, and monitor the success of WFPA’s public information campaign and its objective to inform the public about forest management issues.

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