Community Planning & Attitudinal Research

From local governments and school boards to colleges, libraries and other public agencies – all turn to Moore Information to assist in both short-term and long-range community planning and attitudinal assessments. We excel in helping our clients test the viability of funding proposals and public policy initiatives affecting their constituents. Our research in this arena has explored a wide array of subjects and issues, including transportation, recreation, quality of life, education and special interest topics.

Case Studies

Blue Mountain Community College (OR)

Moore Information developed a research program to assess voter support for a new general obligation bond for Blue Mountain Community College to replace the existing bond and to explore willingness to support branch campus expansion in the three-county region.

City of Bend (OR)

Moore Information has conducted multiple survey research projects for the City of Bend. These projects have included mail and telephone surveys among city residents and voters to explore perceptions of services and measure support for potential funding proposals for public safety services, exploration of residents’ priorities for the future in the Bend 2030 Vision Survey and a citywide resident survey for the City of Bend Park and Recreation District which explored awareness, perceptions and utilization of Bend Park and Recreation District services and facilities.

City of Hillsboro Parks & Recreation Department (OR)

Moore Information has conducted multiple surveys for the City of Hillsboro Parks and Recreation Department, exploring perceptions and usage of parks and recreation facilities. Specific projects include a community attitudinal survey to assess satisfaction with local services and infrastructure; voter surveys to develop and monitor support for a bond measure to fund additional parks services and an indoor recreation center; and a targeted survey among seniors in the community to explore activity needs and utilization of the Hillsboro Senior Center.

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