Customer/Employee/Membership Research

Customer/employee/membership surveys are essential to the success and longevity of any organization. They provide an invaluable tool for measuring how these stakeholders view their employer/organization, evaluating satisfaction with the product/service and identifying areas where the organization is meeting, exceeding or falling short of expectations. Moore Information is well-versed in conducting surveys and focus groups among highly specialized audiences, including physicians and health care providers, association members, attorneys, executives/business leaders, donors, students and patients. With this type of research at your disposal, you can make decisions and navigate challenges with the confidence that comes from a strong understanding of your organization’s strengths, weaknesses and priorities.

Case Studies

Association of Washington Business

For over two decades, Moore Information has worked with Washington’s premier business association to achieve its mission to advance economic prosperity through opinion research by continually monitoring members’ priorities, business challenges and helping to navigate the ever-changing business climate in the state.

Avista (Washington Water Power)

We have conducted multiple surveys among Avista customers exploring attitudes and perceptions of the company, utility industry issues and energy generation alternatives in order to aid Avista in long-range strategic planning. We also conducted research among voters in various counties and cities throughout their service area regarding utility issues on Avista’s behalf.

PacficSource Health Plans

Moore Information has worked with PacificSource to conduct surveys among a variety of audiences, including customers, insurance brokers and health care professionals to measure perceptions of PacificSource as well as its major competitors; identify consumer needs and expectations for health insurance providers; and to explore key characteristics in the insurance decision-making process to help the company effectively brand itself in this dynamic marketplace.

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