Market Feasibility

Whether you are looking to expand, seeking a new business opportunity or exploring demand for a new product offering, you can’t afford to make those decisions without conducting market feasibility research. Research can uncover potential risks, challenges and distinct advantages facing your proposed venture. Moore Information provides our clients with the confidence to move forward with the peace of mind that comes from science-based research.

Case Studies

Arizona State University

Moore Information has conducted a variety of projects for Arizona State University, including focus groups, telephone surveys and online surveys. As the University evaluated potential program and location expansion opportunities, it relied on Moore Information to conduct and analyze research among key audiences and stakeholder groups to provide them with decision-making information regarding the extension of the college’s programs to various communities across the state and to potential university students.

Jordan Cove Energy Project

Statewide and regional research was conducted by Moore Information to measure public awareness and perceptions of a potential liquefied natural gas terminal site in Coos Bay, Oregon and construction of a liquid natural gas pipeline between Klamath Falls and Coos Bay.

PACCAR Parts Division

A comprehensive research program was designed by Moore Information for PACCAR Parts Division in order to evaluate a direct-to-consumer marketing strategy, including telephone surveys, online surveys and telephone focus groups.  The primary objectives of this research were to evaluate relationships between parts dealers and their customers and explore the needs and perceptions of potential consumers of PACCAR after-market truck parts.  Research included general assessment and measurement of parts purchasing and selling behavior and trends; satisfaction with PACCAR parts; parts purchase decision factors; and evaluation of marketing and branding tools/mediums used in the selling and purchasing processes.


Corporate retail giant Walmart has relied on Moore Information for public opinion research concerning expansion projects in several communities throughout the country. Our work has helped Walmart explore public reaction to new potential locations and identify key elements to aid in the successful siting of new stores.

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