Our Approach

Why Moore Information?
We start with clearly defined objectives, design a customized research solution, deliver accurate results and conclude with strategic analysis and actionable recommendations. Meaningful results you can use today – built on 30 years of experience nationwide in politics, business and government.

We believe there are five core attributes that contribute to every successful research project, and we are committed to providing them to you.

Your decisions must be based on verifiably accurate data. There are many ways to measure accuracy in polling, but what better way than with election results? Because of our work in political campaign polling, our results are verified by every general, primary and special election cycle. Our polls tell us what happens on election day. In fact, in 30 years of business, we have never been wrong. This level of proven accuracy benefits all of our clients – whether you represent a Fortune 500 company, a political campaign or a local government agency. Sound data enables you to make sound decisions.

Personal Attention
We are committed to finding the answers you seek. To us, this means working closely with you and your team to design, implement, analyze and make recommendations on your research. We seek context for your issues and will work hard to deliver more value than you seek from us. We are available whenever you need us.

Strategic Analysis
Through analysis, we help you find answers and provide ideas on how to use these answers to meet your objectives. Whether we are examining cross-tab data, or conducting market segmentation, conjoint analysis, or other forms of multivariate analysis, we help make sense of complex situations so you can make important decisions.

We guarantee it. You can expect — and are entitled to — strict confidentiality for all research projects. MI will never share your data with anyone else. We never discuss proprietary client data with anyone but the client.

You have a budget and a set of questions you need answered. Moore Information will work within your budget to provide the most valuable answers and recommendations. Regardless of the size of the project or its price tag, all of our clients receive a customized research project, with strategic analysis and actionable recommendations.