Public Policy/Government Affairs

Our research has assisted numerous clients in the realm of public policy and government affairs, helping both public and private sector interests navigate the cross-roads of business and government. Effective business planning must incorporate an understanding of the political environment and legislative and regulatory issues that influence that environment. Our research with key stakeholder groups, as well as the general public and voting populations, helps our clients gain a more concrete understanding of the relevant issues and the potential impacts those issues have on their objectives.

Case Studies

American Solutions

Moore Information provided significant research for American Solutions, including comprehensive national surveys exploring national security issues.  Findings from this work helped refine American Solution’s efforts to shape public policy regarding issues of national security, specific to al-Qaeda.  This survey explored the American public’s reactions to a variety of anti-terrorism security proposals and policies, as well as general sentiments and perceptions of the nature of terror threats and terrorist organizations/groups.

Campaign for America's Wilderness

We conducted comprehensive statewide surveys of Idaho and Utah voters regarding wilderness and federal land issues to aid in development of a large-scale public communications campaign to influence public opinion regarding forest management policies.

National Mining Association

This research program consisted of surveys in multiple target states to assist the National Mining Association’s government relations department in their efforts to shed light and understanding on the public’s perception of coal as an energy source and the coal industry as a significant component of the nation’s economy.  Our polling provided the foundation for the National Mining Association’s development and implementation of a targeted communications effort to help improve the images of coal and the coal industry.

West Coast Forage Fish

The primary objectives of this project were to shed light on and increase understanding of Oregon, Washington and California coastal residents’ awareness and perceptions of forage species issues, with an eye toward creation of a public information campaign and influencing legislation.  Due to the legislative element of this project and that the term “forage species” was not well-known, it was critical to get a handle on voter mindsets. Through thoughtful survey design and strategic analysis of survey findings, Moore Information assisted the American Littoral Society in gaining understanding of the current public climate with regard to forage species issues, in order to help develop a targeted communications effort.

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