Social Marketing

Social marketing provokes change in personal behavior, for the benefit of a community or society as a whole. Unlike commercial marketing which is driven by financial metrics, social marketing techniques seek to modify behavior for benefit of the “social” good. Social marketing campaigns employ much of the same marketing principles as commercial marketing, but rather than selling products, the intent is to sell ideas, attitudes and ultimately provoke behavior change. Moore Information provides opinion research for a variety of social marketing campaigns in a wide array of industries and business segments.

Case Studies

“Drive Less. Save More.” – Reducing Single Occupancy Vehicle Trips

This ongoing project has involved both Oregon statewide and regional telephone surveys and focus groups conducted on behalf of a consortium of state and local government agencies, including the Oregon Department of Transportation, Metro and TriMet, as well as private businesses.  The purpose of this long-term research program has been to explore public willingness to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips and help the consortium develop and monitor progress of the statewide “Drive Less. Save More.” social marketing campaign and its impact on future driving behavior.

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National Biodiesel Board

This seven-year research project began with a series of national benchmark telephone surveys and annual tracking surveys (both online and telephone) among leaders of national environmental organizations, national/regional health organizations, truck stop operators, trucking company executives and consumers to measure awareness and perceptions of biodiesel as an alternative fuel.  Data from this ongoing research program has served as the foundation for the National Biodiesel Board’s public education campaign, providing initial baseline data on awareness and perceptions of biodiesel and other biofuels, as well as continuous tracking of public sentiment on key measurements.

Puget Sound Partnership – Community Stewardship of the Sound

Moore Information served as part of the communications program for the Puget Sound Partnership, established by Washington Governor Christine Gregoire to protect and restore the environmental health of Puget Sound.  Puget Sound Partnership developed a research and public engagement program to recommend a plan for solving the problems plaguing Puget Sound.  Moore Information conducted focus groups and telephone surveys among residents of the Puget Sound region exploring public opinion regarding long-term environmental cleanup and maintenance of Puget Sound; to inform the public communications program; and identify behavior modification opportunities.

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