Who We Are

Moore Information is one of the most widely respected public opinion research and strategic advice firms in the United States. Founded in 1981 by Bob Moore, Moore Information has earned a national reputation for excellence in quantitative and qualitative research in politics, public affairs/public relations, public policy and government relations. Our research has been instrumental in helping our clients win elections, affect public policy, shape corporate image, sell products and advance their objectives.

The principals and team members at Moore Information bring a wealth of knowledge and research expertise to every client project.

Our project team members are trained in the latest research and analysis methods. They offer uncompromised, exacting and innovative expertise in the areas of project management, survey design, data collection, data analysis and strategic recommendations.

  • Erik Iverson, President and Managing Partner

    Erik brings a strategic approach to opinion research that delivers actionable data to his clients, which include members of the United States Senate, Congress, Governors and other state and locally elected officials. A nationally recognized pollster and focus group moderator, Erik also provides strategic counsel and opinion research expertise to corporations, trade associations, hospitals and non-profits across America. Read More

  • Bob Moore, Principal

    In 1981, Bob Moore founded Moore Information, Inc., a full service public opinion research firm with offices in Portland, Oregon and the Washington, D.C. area. Since then, Moore’s research has helped hundreds of clients win campaigns, sell ideas and develop communications strategies. Read More

  • Hans Kaiser, Principal

    Kaiser directs research projects for corporate and political clients, ranging from health care and energy companies to U.S. Senate and Congressional campaigns. Read More

  • Kelly Middendorff, Vice President of Project Management

    Middendorff oversees the development and completion of all quantitative and qualitative research projects, and personally manages survey and focus group research for many Moore Information clients. Read More

  • Kristina Britton, Vice President of Operations

    Britton is responsible for Moore Information’s data management, business planning and company operations. One of Britton’s primary roles is to manage all phases of the data collection process, from project inception, interviewing, and coding to data processing and tabulation. Read More

  • Robin Kreger, Senior Project Manager

    Kreger works closely with clients to design effective quantitative and qualitative research programs. As a trained focus group moderator, Kreger brings an additional level of expertise to all of the qualitative projects she manages. Read More

  • Beth Gilbert, Project Manager

    Since joining Moore Information in 1999, Beth Gilbert has worked closely with Hans Kaiser to manage and coordinate projects for Moore Information’s Washington, D.C. area office. Read More

  • Dave Rohmbock, Data Processing/Information Systems Specialist

    Rohmbock coordinates data processing functions and maintains all systems hardware and software for Moore Information. Originally joining the MI team in 1995 as an interviewer, Rohmbock moved quickly to the role of field supervisor. Read More

  • Rory Weie, Project Manager

    Rory Weie joined the Moore Information project team in 2017. As project manager, Rory assists clients and Moore Information principals in identifying research needs and developing research plans to achieve project objectives. Read More