Robin Kreger, Senior Project Manager

Robin Kreger works closely with clients to design effective quantitative and qualitative research programs. As a trained focus group moderator, Kreger brings an additional level of expertise to all of the qualitative projects she manages.

Since Kreger joined MI in 2001, she has designed and conducted research projects for a number of non-profit, corporate and political clients. Kreger has worked extensively with political candidates and on ballot measures, including Jim Risch for U.S. Senate (ID) and the No on Prop 93/term limits campaign in California. Kreger has also contributed to a variety of projects in the education, health care and environmental fields, including work for numerous hospitals and medical centers in the Northwest, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Puget Sound Partnership in Washington State. Kreger is also experienced in designing online research for clients who want to learn more about the views of their members, opinion leaders and other specialized audiences that are well suited to Internet-based surveys.

Kreger graduated with honors from Lewis and Clark College, with a degree in Psychology.

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